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On the Left is Soil Drs., On the right is Competition

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Right= Competition

Left= Soil Drs.

On the Left is Soil Drs.

On the right is Competition

Soil Drs. has been in the green industry for 23 years, fully licensed and insured through the State of Texas Department of Agriculture. We believe in supporting mother nature and feeding our soils to improve the overall health and vigor of the landscape (lawn, trees, shrubs, vegetable gardens, annual flower beds). We are committed to the health of our planet, customers and living organisms! We are a small locally owned and operated company that services a large area of Central Texas (Brazos Valley north to the DFW Metroplex)


Proudly Serving Waco and DFW for 5+ Years

Weed Control

Our effective weed control solutions ensure that pesky weeds don't stand a chance in your lush landscape. Say goodbye to unsightly invaders and enjoy a weed-free oasis that lets your plants thrive. Our natural and organic approach ensures the health of your soil and surrounding environment while delivering a pristine appearance.


Unlock the full potential of your landscape with our premium fertilization services. Our expert team tailors nutrient blends to your soil's specific needs, promoting robust growth and vibrant colors. Whether you opt for natural or organic options, your plants will flourish and your soil will thrive, creating a harmonious, nutrient-rich environment.

Core Aerification

Revitalize your lawn's health and vigor through core aerification. This essential service enhances soil structure, allowing roots to access nutrients and water more effectively. Our meticulous approach promotes aeration and reduces soil compaction, giving your grass the room it needs to flourish, resulting in a lusher, more resilient lawn.

Elevate Your Yard's Potential with Soil Drs.'s Touch

Other Services

Core aerification to improve soil structure and nutrient absorption.

Precise soil analysis for personalized care strategies.

Overseeding for denser, lusher lawns.

Thatch removal for enhanced water and nutrient penetration.

Topdressing to maintain even surface levels.

Soil amending for improved growth in lawns, gardens, and landscape beds.

Expertise in leveling lawns for an immaculate appearance.

Consultation and construction of raised garden beds.

Pre-construction guidance for landscape integration.



Weed control

Core arifiation



Shrub and tree health

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